UniversalAET is here to help you, engineers

Massive deadline pressures. Increasingly challenging noise and emission regulations. Unrelenting budget battles. Rapid technology changes that impact both new and existing equipment.

Welcome to the world of today’s industrial, oil & gas and utility power engineers. Whether it’s expanding output to meet demand, managing retrofit, building new plants or implementing critical backup power systems, designing large-scale power projects has never been more challenging, required more knowledge of changing equipment and technology or generated more risk.

To be effective, you need the support of partners that can help you with solid design experience, the best quality equipment and solid project management from beginning to end – in essence a subject matter expert combined with a go-to project management resource. That’s exactly what UniversalAET delivers, with a set of total custom-engineered air management solutions and the proven experience to design solutions that achieve maximum results with minimal cost and project risk.

Our internal engineering and design resources can act as an extension of your design team, producing a project plan that is easier to execute, faster to implement and cost-effective. Our willingness to share information with other members of the extended project team provides you with the most complete, single-sourced design solution for your project. And because UniversalAET is willing to take responsibility for the complete project, you have the reassurance of a partner that will stand behind you every step of the way.

With UniversalAET, being a total solution provider is more than a list of boxes to check on a company information form; it’s a complete business philosophy we practice every single day. Your world. Clean. Quiet. Safe.