Emission Solutions for Oil & Gas

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Clean air solutions for oil & gas exploration, distribution and processing

Effectively managing the emissions from large scale gas turbine and stationary power generation engines has become an ongoing challenge for power operators. Utilizing our custom-engineered catalyst and housing solutions, we are reducing the negative environmental impact of natural gas or diesel exhaust, complying with increasingly difficult and changing environmental regulations, all while minimizing the impact on turbine or engine performance requires new thinking. Leading power generation engineers and operators are thinking beyond the individual exhaust components, adopting a more complete system approach to emission control.

Designing the Best Emissions Solution

Universal AET, with our half-century of air management experience across a wide range of power generation applications, gives you the confidence that your equipment will function efficiently while meeting or exceeding environmental regulations. Additionally, our total solutions approach delivers regulatory compliance in a cost effective package.

As emission treatment systems have grown in complexity, proper configuration has become a more challenging task. You can feel confident trusting Universal AET and our trained staff of emission specialists to guide you through the necessary steps for optimal performance. If you should require a completely custom design, we can custom-engineer a solution to your specific needs and requirements while still maintaining a cost-effective profile.