Complete Air Management Solutions for Oil & Gas

Meeting the needs of midstream and downstream oil & gas operators 

Universal AET designs and manufactures acoustic, emissions and filtration systems for oil and gas exploration, distribution and processing. We are a single-source supplier of complete air management and treatment systems that survive the harsh oil and gas production and processing environments. Our total air management solutions support the power sources: generator, turbine or engine. Choose us for inlet air filtration and silencing, exhaust treatment and silencing, vent silencers, blower silencers and emissions treatment systems (oxidation catalysts and three-way catalysts), as well as sound attenuating enclosures.

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We are your true partner

Choosing the best products is critical to the success of oil and gas production, processing and distribution. Turbines, engines and compressors are used by pipelines and distributors to move product or boost power from station to station. The ability to meet noise and emissions standards while achieving maximum production requires an expert supplier. With our complete in-house engineering and design capabilities, total manufacturing control and broad supply chain coverage, we are your best single source of total air management for your oil & gas operation. We provide you with complete engineering support, the finest components and project management expertise you won’t find anywhere else. And our “you first” approach means we work as a true project partner, assuming the responsibility for project completion and cost performance.