Complete Air Management Solutions for Industrial Power

Unmatched Quality, Proven Experience

A single air management answer for industrial processing

Whether you are running an industrial process application involving bulk handling, discharging gas, separation or simple ventilation, Universal AET can provide the complete, custom-engineered air management solution to fit your application. Provide your application specifics such as equipment type, size, speed, pressure and temperature, and we can create the best possible air process solution to meet your unique requirements.

For more than 50 years Universal AET has been helping engineers, operations and safety executives across a wide range of industries with high quality air filtration and silencing equipment, unsurpassed engineering and design skills and a “you first” business philosophy that starts with initial project conceptualization, planning and design and doesn’t end until the project is operational and producing as expected.

A solution to match your specific needs

Our total air management solution includes specially engineered acoustic and emission systems, filtration solutions and enclosures all matched to your specific needs and requirements and delivered as a single solution. We promise you manufactured components with unmatched quality, complete engineering and design support, and over a half century of proven experience, technical capability and commitment -- ensuring a solution that meets the specific requirements of your project, can be delivered and implemented cost-effectively and with the quality to stand up to rigorous environmental challenges.