Acoustic Solutions for Oil & Gas

Silencing solutions for oil & gas production and processing

Oil & gas exploration, processing and distribution operations face unique air management challenges. Turbines, engines and compressors used by pipelines and distributors to move product or boost power from station to station often generate an extreme amount of noise as part of regular operations. The noise produced can be hazardous and bothersome to workers or residents in close proximity. The ability to meet noise and emissions standards while achieving maximum production requires an expert supplier. This is why, increasingly, oil & gas customers who demand proven sound attenuation products trust Universal AET.

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Quality components and much more

While we can supply a broad set of acoustic control components built to industry standards, we know that isn’t enough. Today’s critical oil & gas operators almost always require custom-engineered solutions to achieve optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. This requires unprecedented expertise, technical capability and commitment – ensuring a silencing solution that meets the specific requirements of your project and can be delivered and implemented cost-effectively, with the quality to stand up to rigorous environmental challenges. We can offer you complete gas turbine, gas and diesel engine noise control solutions. Many of our engine silencers also include an integrated catalyst to provide emission and sound control in a single product. By mastering the use of special materials, high-heat designs, and rugged paints and coatings, we can provide you with the best product solutions. At Universal AET, we’ve been custom-engineering and perfecting air management solutions for more than a half-century for both new and retrofit initiatives.