Acoustic Solutions for Industrial Power

Built To Meet Your Requirements 

Delivering custom-engineered silencing solutions

There is at least one common element throughout industrial processing: noise. Equipment noise is common to all industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, material handling, paper, plastics, water and waste water treatment, rubber and consumer goods. Pneumatic and air moving equipment like blowers, fans, pumps and compressors generate both high- and low-frequency noise in the workplace that can be both hazardous and irritating.

Universal AET has more than 50 years of experience in fitting standard and custom-designed products within a wide range of industries. Whether your processing needs require standard silencing, custom silencing or filtration, we are your single source for a complete solution.

Designing the Best Air Process Solution

Regardless of whether an industrial process application involves bulk handling, discharging gas, separation or simple ventilation, an inlet and discharge silencer must be designed for the application to effectively control noise. By using your application specifics such as equipment type, size, speed, pressure and temperature, we can create the best possible air process solution to meet your unique requirements. Because of our broad, uncompromising manufacturing capabilities, we can assure you of the finest components delivered at a competitive price, and within the timelines of your project.