Engine Exhaust Silencers and Systems

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      UniversalAET’s exhaust silencers provide the best performance for all engine applications because we offer silencers crafted for four different attenuation grades*, and in a variety of styles and configurations, including spark-arresting silencers for gas engine applications. Engine packagers in Power Generation, Oil & Gas and OEM markets look to UniversalAET to provide custom or standard engine silencers that yield excellent sound attenuation.

      If you need help determining which type of silencer is best for you, contact us by filling out our Information Request Form, emailing solutions@universalaet.com or calling 888-300-4272.

      Silencers for Small Spaces and Critical Applications

      “Puck”-style and oval "low-profile” silencers are designed to fit in applications where vertical space is at a premium. Puck silencers are round like a hockey puck while oval silencers are obviously oval to better accommodate engines with dual exhaust turbos that are far apart. Low-profile silencers have rounded side panels for better acoustic performance.

      These styles not only fit in the smallest enclosures, are ideal for portable power, marine, drill rigs or other applications where a “tight fit” is a concern. The single inlet models are available in residential, critical and hospital attenuation grades. Critical and hospital grade models also offer a low skin temperature (LST) design for exceptionally small compartments and enclosures to keep radiant heat to a minimum. The LST configuration incorporates an extra layer of packed acoustic/thermal insulation that reduces heat and noise, eliminating the need for expensive external wraps. The aluminized steel designs far outperform the comparably priced carbon steel competition by offering higher corrosion resistance, greater maximum operating temperatures, less weight and an overall longer silencer life.

      Custom Low-Profile Puck and Oval Silencers are available in single-inlet and dual-inlet models. Give us a call for more information.

      Medium and Low Speed Engine Silencers

      UniversalAET offers the below engine silencers for medium and low-speed stationary engine applications.

      EN Series Multi-Chamber Silencers

      or the majority of engines and operating conditions, multi chamber-type silencers assets/images/photos/es-series.jpgprovide maximum noise attenuation within acceptable backpressure limits. Most naturally aspirated and supercharged engines need this type of silencer. Many turbocharged engines are best silenced with this design also.

      ET Series Straight-Through Silencers

      Some engines require very low exhaust system back pressures for maximum 


      performance. Many turbocharged engines and some naturally aspirated engines fall into this category. For these engines, straight through, reactive silencers are available to provide adequate silencing while imposing negligible restriction on exhaust gas flow.

      ES Series Spark-Arresting Silencers

      Operating locations exist where fire hazards and safety codes require removal of assets/images/photos/es-series.jpgsparks from exhaust gases. UniversalAET’s spark-arresting silencers are engineered to perform the dual function of spark arrest and silencing for all internal combustion engines.

      *Due to the variability of different applications, performance levels are most accurately shown as broad-range “expected attenuation bands,” which are based upon typical conditions. These bands will not define the exact insertion loss for a specific application, since insertion loss is influenced by engine size, type, speed and untreated noise levels.

      UniversalAET provides a broad range of standard and custom-designed product for marine applications. Our team of inlet air and exhaust system specialists are equipped to handle your needs and go beyond just silencers.

      The marine market is large and diverse, as it encompasses all types of crafts from small powerboats and yachts to large tankers and Navy combat vessels. The common thread within the maritime market is that each vessel has a means of propulsion, more than likely structured around a diesel engine, gas or steam turbine (boiler).

      Requirements for Marine Silencing

      Marine propulsion systems require filtration, emissions treatment and silencing. The combustion process for a diesel engine, gas turbine or boiler requires high-quality inlet air to ensure the highest power output and to keep maintenance to a minimum.

      The UniversalAET Noise Control Solution

      UniversalAET designs and manufactures a solution for maritime applications, which includes in-line and barrier filtration units, emission catalysts and combination filter-silencers. Additionally, marine exhaust systems need a high degree of silencing, particularly on smaller vessels where crew quarters are close in proximity to the engine room. We supply a wide variety of noise control solutions, including:

      • Standard and custom-designed, DNV compliant (M-12497/M-12498) spark-arresting silencers
      • Low-pressure drop silencers
      • Emission-reducing silencers

      Emissions Treatment Solutions to meet Compliance Standards

      UniversalAET has been in the business of managing exhaust flow for more than 50 years. Our customers in the Power Gen, Industrial Power and Oil & Gas markets have seen the value and quality we provide in designing and producing complete exhaust control systems. Global emissions regulations are complex and ever-changing. Our customers are increasingly demanding environmentally conscious products to meet air quality standards that exceed even federal, state and local attainment zone requirements.  We are committed to developing the best clean air solutions. UniversalAET offers several catalysts for emission control. 

      • Oxidation Catalysts
      • Oxidation Catalysts Brochure
      • Three-Way Catalysts

      Complete Integrated Solutions

      Our expertise goes beyond emissions treatment technology. Many applications require exhaust and intake acoustic treatment, inlet air filtering and emission controls. UniversalAET offers complete system integration, including noise reduction, minimization of back pressure, management of temperature, optimization of flow and structural integrity, and emissions control.

      assets/images/products/emissions-3.jpg   assets/images/products/emissions.jpg

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