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Gas Turbine Inlet / Exhaust Systems

Dürr Universal has designed, manufactured and supervised the installation of thousands of gas turbine systems around the globe. We have firsthand experience with major turbine brands in the power generation and oil & gas industry.

Retrofit or New Design

Whether you are looking to replace a current gas turbine system or install a new one, Dürr Universal experts are ready to help. Turbine inlet and turbine exhaust needs are quite complex. The system must reduce noise, treat inlet air, minimize back pressure, optimize flow and provide structural integrity. Our cost-effective design and production services result in a system that meets all of these needs. We also provide project management, logistics coordination and emissions treatment.

Complete Systems or Components
A gas turbine is a substantial capital investment. Protecting the turbine begins with air filtration and ends with the exhaust system. However, there is a precise balance between air filtration, noise reduction, emissions treatment and turbine efficiency. Our engineers and system experts are available to balance your air filtration and acoustic treatment to achieve optimal turbine performance.

Emissions Treatment Solutions
Dürr Universal has been in the business of managing exhaust flow for more than 50 years. Our customers in the engine, gas turbine, and oil and gas markets have seen the value and quality we provide in designing and producing complete exhaust control systems. Our customers are increasingly demanding environmentally conscious products to meet air-quality standards that exceed federal, state and municipal requirements. We are committed to developing the best clean-air solutions, which include offering several catalysts for emission control.

Complete Integrated Solutions for Emissions Compliance Standards
Global emissions regulations are complex and ever-changing. Our expertise goes beyond emissions treatment technology. Many applications require exhaust and intake acoustic treatment, inlet air filtering and emission controls. Dürr Universal offers complete system integration, including noise reduction, minimization of back pressure, temperature management, flow optimization, include structural integrity, and emissions control.

The components and solutions we design, manufacture and/or install are:

Turbine Inlet Systems

Turbine Exhaust Systems

Emissions Treatment Solutions

Inlet Silencers

Exhaust Silencers
Oxidation Catalysts
Pulse Filtration Systems

Diverter Dampers

Three-Way Catalysts
Barrier Filtration Systems Structural/Support Steel
Anti-Icing Systems Catalytic Emissions Packages
Filter Replacement Elements Bypass and HRSG Stacks
Expansion Joints Diffusers
Inlet Cooling Systems Plenums
Fogging Systems Expansion Joints
Transitions Platforms/Ladders
Field Services
Heater Piping
Structural Support Steel
Field Services

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Gas Turbine Inlet/Exhaust Systems

Gas Turbine Inlet/Exhaust Systems

Gas Turbine Inlet/Exhaust Systems Interactive Graphic

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Gas Turbine Inlet/Exhaust Systems

Catalyst Housing & Test Ports

Enclosure Ventilation, Filtration & Silencing

Exhaust Base Elbow

  • Structural Support
  • Heat Shields

Exhaust Diffuser

  • Temperature Ports
  • Bleed Pipes
  • Liners for Range or Fuel Types

Exhaust Stack & Silencer

  • Lined
  • Unlined

Exhaust Transition

  • Lined
  • Unlined

Expansion Joints

Filter House

  • Barrier Filters
  • Pulse Clean Filters
  • HEPA Filters

Intake Silencer & Ducting

Structural Steel

  • Ladders
  • Platforms